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BVA Hydraulics was asked by a Midwest OEM world-renowned leader of tablet compression tooling and research/production presses to help solve a major failure of the hydraulic system used in their tablet presses.


While all industrial and mobile hydraulic systems will normally experience some leakage around seals and packings, this presents a major and sometimes catastrophic event if occurring in food and pharmaceutical industries.

This OEM reported extreme failures of the hydraulic cylinders, which resulted in hydraulic fluid leaking onto the product and creating spoilage.


We introduced the BVA hollow hole cylinders which use BVA's customary premium quality seals. BVA understands that small details like premium quality seals on all cylinders can make all the difference in performance.


Since changing to the BVA HC series hydraulic cylinders they have reported zero leakage and cylinder failures. This OEM also changed to the BVA Hydraulics P1000RP hand pump with our unique “return-to-tank” feature, which allowed them to incorporate a pressure transducer into their system for a closed-loop data feedback to their PLC.

BVA Hydraulics General Cylinder H2506 25 Ton 6.1 Stroke 10,000 psi (700bar)

BVA Hydraulics General Cylinder works at max. 10000 psi (700 bar), manufacturing in solid one piece alloy steel body,using polyurethane U-cup seals to provide a sure seal and longer life. Our standard hard chrome plated piston rod protects against corrosion & damage; one piece aluminum alloy bearing protects against cylinder wall damage. Collar threads and base mounting holes are for fixuring. All BVA cylinders come equiped with CH38F high flow coupler with dust cap for better protection.

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BVA Hydraulics Hollow Hole Cylinder HC2006T 20 Ton 6.06 Stroke 10,000 psi (700bar)

BVA Hydraulics Hollow Hole Single Acting Cylinders work at max. 10,000 psi (700bar), equipped heavy duty compression spring, dual wipers help prevent contamination, and go with collar thread protector. Ideal for pulling and pushing applications. All BVA cylinders come equipped with a CH38F high flow coupler with dust cap.

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