Answers to most frequently asked questions
What is the proper oil level for BVA pumps?
  • Hand pump- ¼” from the top
  • Air treadle pump- 3/4” from the top
  • Electric pump- 2” from top
What type of oil should I use?

FJZ01 BVA Multi Viscosity recommended if not available use ISO46 for electric pumps and ISO32 for hand and air pumps.

Where do I put oil in pumps/where is the oil plug?


Where can I find the serial number?

Cylinder serial numbers are engraved next to the coupler.


My cylinder will not release. What do I do?

Most of the time when a cylinder will not retract it is because of the couplers. Make sure your couplers connections are tightened properly before using product. A defective ram coupler may cause it not to retract.

If tightening the couplers does not work contact your local service center/dealer for support.

How often should I change the oil in my pump?

Every 300 hours or once a year

My single acting high tonnage cylinder is retracting slowly. Can I make it retract faster?

Call your local distributor and ask about our venturi valve available on electric/gas pumps only.

What type of pump should I use for my Cylinder?

Verify if the cylinder is single or double acting.

See matching chart if not available contact your local BVA dealer (use page 44 out of catalog)

How do I bleed my cylinder/pump Combo?

What do I do if my pump won’t build pressure?

Make sure your release valve is closed and couplers are tight, try bleeding instructions
Try another ram to verify the pump is bad if so contact your location service center or dealer for warranty/repair.