About us

About us

BVA Hydraulics are focussed on producing, exceptional quality 10,000 PSI (700 bar) industrial hydraulic tools & equipment, expertly designed with customer safety, efficiency & reliability as a priority, & manufactured to not only meet but exceed the industry standards. Delivering hydraulic solutions for a range of industries, & maintaining their reputation for exceptional quality & outstanding Customer Service. We are committed to continuous improvement & product development at our state of art facilities.

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We provide a comprehensive range of hydraulic cylinders to suit multiple applications & industries. If you need to push, pull, lift etc we have the solution. From small 2 Ton Single acting - 1,000 Ton Double acting included in our standard range. We also design bespoke systems. We supply to a number of industries including: Renewable Energy, Offshore, Subsea, Railway, Aviation, Transport, Automotive, Construction, Maintenance, Mining, Shipbuilding and OEM.

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Our pumps range include manual, air, electric, diesel to operate various tools. With numerous combinations available to suit your precise needs. Choose your power source, valve configuration, reservoir size & output.

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BVA accessories to complete your hydraulic system. Fittings, valves, gauges, hoses & couplings. Manufactured to exceed industry standards to ensure the safe performance of your system.

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Spreaders, punches, nut splitters, and other tools to give you the power you need to do the job!

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Latest News

The BVA Difference -Take a look inside a BVA Cylinder to see what separates us from the competition.

Learn more about all the tiny details that end up making a BIG difference when it comes to longevity and trusted performance.

Versatility in the Shop - BVA PA1500 Treadle Pump

Compatible with any high-pressure Shop Presses, Tube Benders, or Die Presses on the market. The lightweight, portable unit allows you to jump back and forth between pressing, bending, stamping steel within seconds.

Porto Power Steel Fabrication Application

Shop Foreman Aaron Kruse from Shawnee Steel is back to demonstrate how he uses BVA Hydraulics for a common pushing application in their fabrication shop in Shawnee, KS.