Structural Steel

Shawnee Steel makes complex structures across the USA


Our partners at Shawnee Steel have been in business since 1945 and do projects across the United States. One of their strengths is producing accurate complex patterns. Working with steel is serious business, and when you have complex patterns within large structures, every angle and curve is critical, and being off a fraction of an inch on one section can be the difference between failure and success.


Bending steel had traditionally required the use of hammers, wedges and pry bars in conjunction with a lot of heat to make the steel more malleable. Now, this process is accomplished with BVA pumps and cylinders.


Safety and efficiency are critical in the steel business. What used to be a dangerous and laborious process that yielded inconsistent results, is now faster, safer, and consistent. As Shawnee Steel says about using the “well built” BVA pumps and cylinders “it’s very much a time saver; makes everything easier and more efficient and helps us build a better quality product.”

BVA Hydraulics General Cylinder H2506 25 Ton 6.1 Stroke 10,000 psi (700bar)

BVA Hydraulics General Cylinder works at max. 10000 psi (700 bar), manufacturing in solid one piece alloy steel body,using polyurethane U-cup seals to provide a sure seal and longer life. Our standard hard chrome plated piston rod protects against corrosion & damage; one piece aluminum alloy bearing protects against cylinder wall damage. Collar threads and base mounting holes are for fixuring. All BVA cylinders come equiped with CH38F high flow coupler with dust cap for better protection.

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