Pipe clamping systems

New method of securing two-section pipes out in the field


BVA Hydraulics was asked by a leading Midwest OEM supplier of pipe clamping systems to help design a new method of securing two-section pipes out in the field. Current industry practice was to use bottle jacks to lift these pipe sections into place for assembly and welding. This was a very slow and unsafe method and resulted in imprecise welds of the two seams resulting in failures and leaking of liquid and gas pipelines.


Using our 5-ton hydraulic pull cylinders with a modified thread mount paired with our P350 modified hand pump, BVA Hydraulics helped to introduce a safer, quicker and more precise solution for installing pipe half sleeves. Using industry-leading clamping technology, these extreme duty clamps provide virtually 360 degrees of uniform clamping pressure for perfect fit-ups. All models feature 2-speed hydraulic hand pumps for quicker installation time and high strength modular design for safer handling.


No unstable bottle jacks to suddenly slip and disengage.
Equal clamping force provides better fit-up.
Engineered to be installed by one person
Fits a wide range of pipe sizes and sleeve thicknesses.
Rugged corrosion-resistant construction for years of use.

BVA Hydraulics Pull Cylinder HP0505, 5 Ton 5.55" Stroke 10,000 psi (700bar)

BVA Hydraulics Pull Cylinders work at max. 10,000 psi (700bar), constructed in high strength steel, one piece high grade alloy bearing for side load protection and longer service life. Polyurethane cup seal provides ooptimum performance. External rod threads and internal base threads are more user friendly. Ideal for pulling and tensioning application. All BVA cylinders come equipped with a CH38F high flow coupler with dust cap.

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